What is Kioscert Cosmetics HALAL Certificate?

Halal is the state of doing everything that Allah conveys to people with verses that does not harm a person. In addition, the word Halal comes into our language from Arabic and also means "allowed".

Halal Cosmetics

In our country, when it comes to halal products, food products come to mind first. Because this understanding is still not fully established in our country. Special care is taken not to use only a raw material derived from pork meat or pork or alcohol for a while. Therefore, firstly, by obtaining halal certificates for food products only by food companies, certificates were presented to the users for safe consumption. However, due to the changing understanding and need, halal certified products started to appear in many areas. Companies now certify their users in areas such as clothing, cosmetics and logistics, as well as in the food category.
TS OIC / SMIIC 4: 2018 Halal Cosmetics - The Product Safety Report prepared in accordance with the Cosmetics Regulation of the product formula for each product applied based on the General Rules standard must be submitted by the company. For each product, product inputs are examined and evaluated by Kioscert Certification in terms of both halal point of view and compliance with the cosmetic regulation. Evaluation of the Cosmetic Product Safety Report with its annexes is completed. After this process, companies are expected to produce in accordance with the ISO 22716: 2013 - Cosmetics - Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), to comply with the standards, regulations and communiqués in the leaflet according to product groups and to show that they are in control.


Halal cosmetics market, with a significant share in Turkey's exports in the Middle East countries has been growing at 12 percent a year. The halal cosmetics market, which grows exponentially with each passing year, especially in regions where Muslim countries are concentrated, has an important share in the world cosmetics industry.

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