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What is Kioscert Cosmetics HALAL Certificate?

Halal is the state of being able to do everything that does not harm the person, which Allah has conveyed to people with verses. In addition, the word Halal means that it has entered our language from Arabic and is allowed.

Halal Cosmetics

When it comes to halal products in our country, the first thing that comes to mind is food products. Because this understanding is still not fully settled in our country. For a while, care was taken not to use only pork or a raw material or alcohol obtained from pork. Therefore, firstly, halal certificates were obtained by food companies only for food products and certificates were presented to users for safe consumption. However, after a while, due to the changing understanding and the need, halal certified products started to appear in many areas. Companies have now gone to certify their users in areas such as clothing, cosmetics and logistics, as well as in the food category.
TS OIC/SMIIC 4 : 2018 Halal Cosmetics – Based on the General Rules standard, the Product Safety Report prepared in accordance with the Cosmetics Regulation of the product formula for each product applied must be submitted by the company. For each product, the product inputs are examined and evaluated by Kioscert Certification in terms of both halal point of view and compliance with the cosmetic regulation. The evaluation of the Cosmetic Product Safety Report together with its annexes is completed.
After this process, companies are expected to demonstrate that they are producing in accordance with the ISO 22716:2013 – Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Guideline standard, comply with the standards, regulations and communiqués in the leaflet according to product groups, and provide controls.

Halal Cosmetics Certificate for Export

The halal cosmetics market is increasing by 12 percent per year in the Middle East countries, which have a significant share in Turkey's exports. The halal cosmetics market, which grows exponentially every year, especially in geographies where Muslim countries are concentrated, has an important share in the world cosmetics sector.

What is Cosmetic Halal Certificate?

Cosmetic Halal Certificate covers the meticulous production of cosmetic products that are frequently used by women and their presentation to the consumer by producing them according to the principles of Islamic belief. In this context, it is aimed to produce by paying attention to the 'Halal' detail in the production, packaging and distribution processes of cosmetic products. Cosmetics Halal Certificate is of great importance for manufacturers to enter markets that are rigorous about Halal.

What is the Purpose of Cosmetic Halal Certificate?

Manufacturers who want to obtain a Cosmetic Halal Certificate have only one purpose. To facilitate the sale of the product in markets with Halal sensitivity. Some countries prohibit the entry of products that do not contain the phrase 'Halal' into the country's borders. In addition, the fact that the products entering the country's borders are not 'Halal' causes a negative attitude of consumers. The Cosmetic Halal Certificate, which will be preferred by brands in order to increase their sales and market targets more easily, is of great importance in this respect.

What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Halal Certificate?

Halal Cosmetics Certificate prevents the placing of products and substances determined in line with the standards in cosmetic products. In this context, it is desired that the inputs used in the production of cosmetic products and all the elements that come into contact with the product during the process are halal. Thus, the product carries the necessary conditions within the scope of the standard. As a cosmetic product manufacturer, you can choose to obtain halal certification and reach a wide market.

What Does the Cosmetic Halal Certificate Cover?

For the producers who want to choose the Cosmetic Halal Certificate, the scope of this certificate is all of the products produced for cosmetic purposes. In this context, inspections are carried out to ensure that cosmetic products do not contain any elements that are not considered halal in the Islamic belief. Cosmetic products with Halal Certificate should be evaluated at regular intervals and the production process should be carried out meticulously.

Why Get Cosmetic Halal Certificate?

The main purpose of companies that want to obtain Halal Certificate is to facilitate the entry of products into new markets and to maintain product sales in a wide area. For this reason, all companies that contribute in some way to the production of cosmetic products should obtain a Halal Certificate in order to improve their point of view towards the products. Cosmetics in order to certify the products produced in compliance with the regulation and by evaluating the standards meticulously.Halal Certificate attracts attention.

Who Can Get Cosmetic Halal Certificate?

In order to meet the needs of the institutions that want to obtain the Cosmetic Halal Certificate, they must first meet the necessary conditions and conditions. Considering that the process of obtaining documents is based on meeting certain criteria, a rigorous process is needed in this regard. It will be possible to improve product standards with the Cosmetic Halal Certificate, which is preferred by everyone who contributes to the production and manufacturing process of cosmetic products.

How to Get Cosmetic Halal Certificate?

As a manufacturer, if you are producing solutions for cosmetic products, you will need to carry out meticulous studies at the point of obtaining the cosmetic halal certificate. In this context, you should definitely contact KiosCert in order to meticulously continue the certification process. Thanks to the certificate issued by independent and accredited institutions, it will be possible to place the production and sales processes in a more professional framework. On the other hand, it will be easier for products to enter new markets.

Where to Get Cosmetic Halal Certificate?

If you want to obtain the Halal Certificate for cosmetic products, you will need to contact KiosCert, an accredited and independent organization. KiosCert responds to all your needs thanks to its expert team, which carries out professional studies in this regard. Moreover, it meets your demands from a professional point of view. If you want to get a cosmetic halal certificate, you can start taking the necessary steps by contacting our professional team.

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