What is Kioscert Organic Cosmetic Certificate?

The history of cosmetic products is very old. The first cosmetics known are products such as minerals, oils and essential oils found in nature. Face and body painting with the colors they get from the mines mostly found in clays, smells that add mystery and interest to people, mixing oak ashes with animal fats to obtain soaps may be the first cosmetics that come to mind and their usage purposes. At the beginning of the 1900s, chemists first synthesized the molecule of the fragrance named Chanel 5 and the synthesis of fatty alcohol esters in the 1940s, and today's cosmetics industry was formed. The beginning of the synthesis of fragrances and chemicals used for cosmetic purposes has led to the decrease in prices, the widespread use of products, and the production of hundreds of cosmetic products to create today's gigantic cosmetics industry.

ISO 16128-1 Guide on technical definitions and criteria of natural and organic cosmetic ingredients and products-Part 1: Definitions of ingredients and ISO 16128-2 Cosmetic-technical rules definitions for natural and
It established a certification system to distinguish between companies that produce criteria and organic cosmetic products and other companies.

Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency of Natural and Organic Cosmetic Ingredients and Product Claims Relating to Guideline No. 25 823, dated 23/05/2005 Version 1.0 and Cosmetics Regulations is a guide prepared pursuant to Article 6 and 10 of the regulation.

Kioscert is an international organization that gives organic cosmetics and cosmetics Halal Certificate, established by private organizations established in Izmir in 2018.

The Product Safety report prepared in accordance with the cosmetic regulations of the product formula for each product applied must be submitted by the company.

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