TS EN 60204-1 Standard covers the applications of electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic equipment and systems of machines.

This standard, in accordance with the low voltage regulation (LVD), is the rule of performing the safety tests required by the standard on products containing electrical equipment at nominal voltage values of AC between 50-1000V and DC between 75-1500V. Externally, the TS EN 60204 test covers the fulfillment of the conditions determined by the European Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC for the safety of electrical circuits.

Some examples of TS EN 60204-1 safety in machines and electrical equipment of the machines are as follows;

-Wood processing machines

-Food machines

-Construction machinery

-Sheet processing machines

-Textile machinery

-Packaging machines

-Printing, Paper, and Cardboard machines

etc. It is compulsory to perform the safety tests stipulated by the standard on the machines.

60204 test