KIOSCERT INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM PRODUCT CERTIFICATION DENETİM VE EĞİTİM HİZMETLERİ LTD.ŞTİ. was established in 2018. has been operating in the field of certification and certification since the first day of its establishment. All of the services offered by KIOSCERT are designed to address the needs of institutions in every aspect. In this context, services are provided for international certification needs. We continue to meet the certification needs of different sectors with the services we offer in different fields, from product tests to machine tools.

Within the scope of the services we offer, we provide system certification in accordance with ISO standards and product certification services in accordance with CE marking standards. Focusing on the certification needs of different sectors, KIOSCERT provides system certification and CE marking services within the scope of different regulations, Machine CE marking and ISO standards.

We follow the steps defined by international regulations and regulations in product certification processes. In this context, we aim to provide services to all institutions applying to our company within the framework of independence, honesty and confidentiality. These principles we follow form the basis of our impartiality policies in the services we provide. At the same time, we make sure that all employees working within KIOSCERT act according to the impartiality policy we have adopted. Our young and dynamic team continues to serve all institutions applying to our company with the same impartiality.

Documentation Services We Provide

  • System Documentation
  • Product Certification
  • Welder Certification
  • Cosmetic Natural and Organic Certification
  • Halal Certification
  • Vegan Certification

Our Mission as KIOSCERT

As KIOSCERT, we have determined our company mission to shape the future and support the growth of our company. In this context, our mission as a company:

  • To see all the companies we work with as a business partner rather than a customer
  • To initiate the certification processes that will meet the needs of our business partners by listening to their requests
  • To communicate respectfully with all our staff and business partners working within our company.
  • To consider and apply ethical values ​​in all the services we offer
  • Improving our existing services to match best practices by following industry best practices
  • To collect all the necessary information and documents related to these certificates and certificates by closely following the newly released certification and certification processes
  • Keeping up to date with the latest developments in line with the appropriate accreditation standards of our company.
  • To adopt our privacy policy, impartiality policy and quality policy in all our works
  • To update our privacy policy, impartiality policy and quality policy to comply with international standards, if needed
  • To always take the necessary steps to go further by adopting the principles of continuous improvement and development

Our Vision as KIOSCERT

As KIOSCERT, we have determined our company's vision in order to shape the future and encourage continuous growth and development. In this context, our vision as a company:

  • Working with a young and dynamic staff for the advancement of our company at all times.
  • To contribute to future generations by producing added value for our country
  • Always focus on further improving resource efficiency by making the most efficient use of available resources
  • To closely follow the developments in the fields of international certification, certification and accreditation by adopting an innovative perspective.
  • Evaluate all opportunities to improve and develop the services we offer.
  • Working towards the future with all our strength to contribute to a more resilient world
  • Adhering to principles of excellence by following best practice standards

Accreditations We Have as KIOSCERT

KIOSCERT has been accredited by internationally recognized accreditation institutions in accordance with the standards related to its field of activity. In this context, the documents given to our company by the IAS accreditation institutions are as follows:

  • KIOSCERT has been accredited from the IAS accreditation body according to the ISO/IEC 17021 standard.