What is Kosher Certificate?

The Kosher Certificate is the document that proves that the foodstuffs are prepared in accordance with the Jewish faith. It shows that foodstuffs are compatible with human health and food safety as well as being in compliance with religious beliefs. A Kosher Certificate is required for foodstuffs that will be sold to countries with a high Jewish population and especially to countries such as Israel.

Kosher, which means 'Suitable' and 'Full' in Hebrew, has similar characteristics with the Halal Certificate, which expresses foods prepared in accordance with the Islamic faith. The documentation process for Kosher, which plays a major role in proving that foodstuffs are prepared in a way that does not shake faith, must be carried out meticulously.

What is the Purpose of Kosher Certificate?

The Kosher Certificate, which shows that a production process in line with Jewish belief has taken place, is considered a very important document not only for the production of foodstuffs, but also for inputs and auxiliary products. The process related to Kosher takes place within the framework of evaluating even the production line with a professional approach. The aim is to reveal that a production process in accordance with religious conditions has taken place. In this context, it is not possible for companies without Kosher Certificate to sell products to regions with a high Jewish population.

What are the Benefits of Kosher Certificate?

Kosher Certificate is one of the documents preferred by all exporting companies. In particular, thanks to the document, which is based on the preparation of products that can be consumed by those who belong to the Jewish faith, product standards reach a successful level. Considering the existence of a serious Kosher consumer market in the world, it is known that many consumers, especially Jews, prefer the food produced within the scope of this document. Kosher Certificate is an important opportunity for companies that want to sell food to many countries of the world, especially Israel.

What Does Kosher Certificate Cover?

Kosher Certificate is important in terms of conformity of food products to standards, and sometimes supports the production of textile products within the framework of Kosher rules in addition to foodstuffs. For this reason, the Kosher Document is considered important in terms of living a life in accordance with the Jewish faith. With the Kosher Certificate, which must be taken into account by the exporters in the production process, there is an increase in production compliance and sales opportunities.

Why Obtain Kosher Certificate?

The Kosher Certificate, which enables exporting companies to open up to new markets, especially the Israeli market, is one of the most important documents for profitable trade. For this reason, it will be possible to reach a successful commercial process for companies that want to obtain a certificate.

Who Can Get Kosher Certificate?

When the companies that want to get Kosher Certificate are evaluated, it is not possible to talk about any limitations. On the contrary, it is very valuable to get a certificate for those who want to sell products by producing in accordance with Kosher rules. As an exporting company, you can plan the process of obtaining Kosher Certificate meticulously.

How to Get Kosher Certificate?

The certification process is quite specific for Kosher Certification. Because compliance with religious rules is evaluated for obtaining documents rather than a technical control. After the companies that want to get Kosher Certificate have made their applications, the necessary examinations are made by a Rabbi. The Kosher Certificate process is completed with the report prepared in line with the rules determined after the inspection of the production site.

Where to Get Kosher Certificate?

You can plan the process by contacting KiosCert in order to get Kosher Certificate and to carry out food production according to the Jewish faith. The meticulous completion of the certification process will mean the rapid start of the production and sales process. Then you can start to evaluate the most suitable options for you by contacting us.

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