iso 9001 quality management system

What is ISO 9001 Quality Management System?

ISO 9001 Quality Management System refers to the quality management system determined by the International Standards Organization (ISO). This system states that the services offered to customers meet the quality standards and a satisfaction-oriented approach is displayed. ISO 9001, which enables the business to have a disciplined structure, provides experience in quality management independent of the trial and error method.

What is the Purpose of ISO 9001?

With ISO 9001, which is among the sine qua non for businesses aiming at quality, customer focus and sustainable success, it is aimed to achieve the goals listed below. In this context, the business will be able to have stronger and more successful features.

  • Customer Oriented Service
  • Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
  • Systematization of Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Realism in Decision Making
  • Benevolent Relationship with Suppliers

It is possible for businesses that aim to achieve these goals to achieve success by obtaining ISO 9001 Certificate.

What are the Benefits of ISO 9001?

In order to ensure the sustainability of the business and to gain benefits at many other points, it is necessary to prefer the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Below you can examine the benefits to be obtained thanks to ISO 9001.

  • The company increases its value by protecting its reputation,
  • Helps reduce costs,
  • It simplifies the workflow by improving communication processes,
  • Provides professionalism in process management,
  • Makes it possible to predict risk,
  • Provides customer satisfaction,
  • Improves the potential of products and services.

Considering all these benefits, ISO 9001 Quality Management System is considered as a must for a business. It is essential to benefit from this service in order for the business to take firmer steps towards the future.

What Does ISO 9001 Quality Management System Cover?

It is preferred in order to demonstrate that the organizations show sufficient quality conditions during the production of goods and services. In this framework, the ISO 9001 standard deals with the evaluation of services from the design stage to the after-winding service stage. Within the scope of the standard, it is stated that the following issues are addressed.

  • Quality Management System
  • Management Responsibility
  • Product Design
  • Resource Management
  • Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

While all these processes are taken into account, a more successful result is aimed. In this context, it is possible for businesses to have a superior approach with ISO 9001.

Why Get ISO 9001?

With ISO 9001, it is possible to obtain the benefits of the certificate for your business. In this context, you can get professional support during the ISO 9001 certification process by considering the benefits shared above.

Who Can Get ISO 9001 Certificate?

There are no restrictions regarding institutions and organizations that want to obtain ISO 9001 Certificate. For this reason, regardless of the sector in which the service is provided, it will be sufficient to follow the steps to obtain the ISO 9001 Certificate. So, what awaits you in the process of obtaining ISO 9001 certification?

How to Get ISO 9001 Certificate?

The process of obtaining ISO Certificate is carried out with the support of accredited and independent institutions. Compliance with the ISO 9001 System is ensured by the process management of companies authorized by IAS and NAC. Conditions must be evaluated and necessary arrangements must be made for compliance with the system. In this framework, controls should be made throughout the process to ensure that there is not the slightest defect.

Where to Get ISO 9001 Certificate?

In order to obtain ISO 9001, which demonstrates compliance with the conditions regulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an application is made to IAS and NAC through an accredited organization. The applicant organization is entitled to receive the ISO 9001 Certificate within the framework of the fulfillment of the conditions and the successful completion of all other processes. Due to the temporary issuance of the certificate, an annual renewal is required to prove the continuation of the conditions. In this context, organizations with ISO 9001 Certificate should apply again after a 1-year period.

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