iso 27701 personal data management system

What is ISO 27701 Personal Data Management System?

ISO 27701 Personal Data Management System is known as a system prepared for businesses engaged in information collection, storage and processing. While providing the establishment of a system and standard, it is advantageous in terms of obtaining maximum sensitivity related to privacy management within the enterprise. This system, which ensures maximum performance in information privacy by making improvements, is also a part of the international information security management standard.

What is the Purpose of ISO 27701 Personal Data Management System?

Within the framework of the system established within the scope of ISO 27701 Document, it may be possible to place the protection related to information confidentiality in a more reasonable framework. This standard, which is considered as a must for better management of risks, is also considered as a standard related to KVKK. In this context, drawing a successful framework in terms of data protection is also on the agenda.

This standard, which is important for almost every company that wants to comply with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, is considered among the sine qua non for companies from every sector.

What are the Benefits of ISO 27701 Personal Data Management System?

Making evaluations within the scope of Personal Data Management System ensures that the benefits to be obtained are evaluated more carefully. In this context, obtaining ISO 27701 Certificate for a company will mean obtaining the following advantages.

  • Builds a system for the healthy protection of data,
  • Supports the success of the protection and provisioning processes of personal data,
  • It brings solutions for organizations to clarify their roles and responsibilities,
  • It enables more successful cooperation in national and international framework,
  • The prestige of the brand will decrease,
  • Customers are instilled with a sense of trust,
  • A standard is formed in taking general safety precautions,
  • A transparent perspective comes to the fore in privacy management.

What Does ISO 27701 Personal Data Management System Cover?

The basis of the system established within the scope of ISO 27701 Document is to ensure information security. For this reason, the main issue for the company that wants to build a system and obtain documents will be information security. In this framework, the main subject within the scope of the system will be personal information security and confidentiality.

Why Obtain ISO 27701 Certificate?

The main purpose of obtaining documents within the framework of the ISO 27701 System is to ensure information security. At this point, the most important issue is definitely the protection of information within the framework of reasonable standards. It should be noted that if the ISO 27701 system, which is necessary to provide a reasonable solution against external attacks, is not built, business information will be open to threats from outside.

Who Can Get ISO 27701 Certificate?

It should be mentioned that companies that want to obtain ISO 27701 Certificate do not face any restrictions in terms of sector and activity. The main point here is that activities are carried out on the collection, storage and processing of information. You can reach a more prestigious structure by obtaining ISO 27701 Certificate for your business.

How to Get ISO 27701 Certificate?

For a business that wants to obtain ISO 27701 Certificate, it is necessary to first contact an independent and accredited organization. It will be possible for the process of obtaining documents to take place immediately after contacting such an organization. The organization will identify all the shortcomings of the business and make suggestions about what kind of arrangements should be made.

Where to Get ISO 27701 Certificate?

You can apply to an independent and accredited organization to obtain ISO 27701 Certificate. As KiosCert, we provide you with a document that is valid all over the world while providing services in this regard. In this context, we also support you to benefit from a quality process.

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