iso 14064 carbon footprint verification


As a result of human activities, it is the damage done to the environment by greenhouse gases measured in terms of carbon dioxide, which is shown as the main responsible for global warming. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are always present in our atmosphere. It makes the world livable by keeping the heat inside like a greenhouse. The amount of these gases in the atmosphere has increased and the global average temperature has risen even more. This is what we see as climate change. The activities we do cause these greenhouse gases to be released and affect the world.

These factors are our Carbon Footprint.

We can examine the Carbon Footprint in 2 different categories;

1. Personal Carbon Footprint:

It is the concept that shows how much of the emissions we are personally responsible for in most of the activities we do in our annual life.

Personal Carbon Footprint consists of two main parts;

  • Primary Carbon Footprint: It is the measure of carbon dioxide that comes from the electricity and fuel people consume in their homes and fossil fuels consumed in their journeys such as cars and planes..
  • Secondary Carbon Footprint: It is an indirect measure of Carbon Dioxide in the life cycle of all products used by humans, from their manufacture to their final degradation.

2. Corporate Carbon Footprint:

It is the concept that shows the emissions related to the annual activities of the institutions. Corporate Carbon Footprint consists of three main parts;

  • Direct Carbon Footprint: Fossil fuels used by corporations for heating or production processes. It is evaluated under the emissions of fossil fuels used by the vehicles owned by the institution.
  • Indirect Carbon Footprint: It is evaluated under the emissions caused by the electrical energy consumed by the institutions and the emissions due to the steam, cooling or hot water purchased by the institution from other institutions.
  • Other Indirect Carbon Footprint: The products used by the institutions are evaluated under the emissions related to the fuels used by the vehicles of the institution, air, sea and land air transportation used by the employees for business purposes, from raw materials to the brochures made for advertising purposes.

You can refer to Kioscert for more information.

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