iso 14001 environmental management system

What is ISO 14001 Environmental Management System?

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System aims to reduce the damage to water, soil and living things while addressing the limitation on the use of natural resources. In this context, it is aimed to improve environmental performance and develop environmental approaches in compliance with the legislation. Thanks to the ISO 14001 Certificate, which also deals with compliance with the European Union legislation and the laws of the Republic of Turkey, it is possible to adopt an environmentalist approach.

What is the Purpose of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System?

The serious pollution of the environment by humanity triggers the emergence of an unlivable environment. In this context, every organization that receives ISO 14001 Certificate continues its activities by acting with an environmentalist approach. This understanding lays the groundwork for both strong communication with customers and quality cooperation with suppliers.  

What are the Benefits of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System?

It is possible for many advantages to come to the fore with the ISO 14001 System, which is important for businesses to use natural resources and to put their work in a more reasonable framework. In this context, it is possible to list the advantages that a business will gain with ISO 14001 as follows.

  • Supports the reduction of costs by providing efficiency in the use of natural resources,
  • It affects the performance of the personnel by increasing the quality of the enterprise,
  • It triggers a sense of responsibility towards the environment,
  • Provides preparation for accidents and emergencies by identifying potential hazards,
  • It is possible to create environmental awareness through personnel training,
  • Compliance with national and international regulations is achieved,
  • There is a reduction in pollution caused by business activities,
  • Entry into markets where green production is considered valuable is getting easier.

What Does ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Cover?

Within the scope of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, it is desired that the approach of organizations towards both the environment and living things is brought to a reasonable level. In this context, it should be stated that the following points were taken into consideration while evaluating the scope.

  • Environmental Policy
  • Resource Usage
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Operational Processes
  • Ensuring Environmental Compliance

Within the scope of all these principles, it is aimed to establish and implement the Environmental Management System. Ignoring these principles will lead to deficiencies in the system.

Why Get ISO 14001 Certificate?

The primary purpose of organizations that want to obtain ISO 14001 Certificate is to obtain the benefits stated above. Most consumers and suppliers feel the need to prefer environmentally conscious brands and institutions. In this way, it is possible to protect the environment and achieve a sustainable approach. An institution or business is likely to achieve more profitable and sustainable results by obtaining ISO 14001 Certificate.

Who Can Get ISO 14001 Certificate?

When the institutions that want to obtain ISO 14001 Certificate are evaluated, it is seen that there are no restrictions. In this context, every business that wants to carry its activities to a successful level and fulfill its responsibilities towards the environment can apply for ISO 14001. So, what should be done to get the ISO 14001 Certificate?

How to Get ISO 14001 Certificate?

Organizations that want to obtain ISO 14001 Certificate must first apply to an independent institution accredited by IAS and NAC. Following the application, compliance with the necessary conditions and inspections are carried out to complete the certification process. During the certification process, you can complete both the compliance with the conditions and the certification process by contacting us. Since the validity period of ISO 14001 Certificate is 1 year, organizations that have received the certificate must apply for renewal every year.

Where to Get ISO 14001 Certificate?

To obtain ISO 14001 Certificate, it is sufficient to apply to an independent organization authorized by IAS and NAC. You can obtain the documents given by IAS and NAC with our consultants who will support you for the control and certification of the standards. You can contact KiosCert for document acquisition processes.

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