iso 10002 customer satisfaction management system

ISO 10002 is a management system that helps you determine the areas where you can develop your organization, eliminate the causes of complaints, define the necessary management tools for the customer complaints more effectively and efficiently, and allow more customers to be satisfied with the service you provide.

WHY ISO 10002;

  • With ISO 10002, it is easier to increase loyalty and retain your customers.
  • With ISO 10002, it is easier to direct your company's vision thanks to customer feedback.
  • With ISO 10002, awareness and attention to complaints arise in your staff.
  • With ISO 10002, your corporate reputation increases.
  • With ISO 10002, repetitive complaints are reduced.
  • With ISO 10002, you make your customers feel that you care.


With ISO 10002, you have the opportunity to make a name in the service sector by achieving long-term profitability thanks to customer satisfaction and a connected customer portfolio.

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