how to find firms giving iso 9001 certificate

How to Find Firms Giving ISO 9001 Certificate?

ISO 9001 certificate is among the most valid quality control documents in different sectors. Thanks to this document, it is documented that the institution or organization receiving the certificate has gone through an audit and control process by a quality department. Firms that perform the audit or control process Companies giving ISO 9001 certificate It's called . Institutions or organizations that receive this certificate from the relevant companies indicate that they comply with the specified standards and accreditation criteria.

Companies giving ISO 9001 certificate must complete several requirements in order to issue this document. Companies that will issue certificates must also go through the accreditation processes while completing these requirements. However, after these requirements are completed, these companies are entitled to issue ISO 9001 certificate. At this point, it is very important to know which companies give ISO 9001 certificate. At the same time, various criteria can be applied when choosing among these companies.

What Does ISO 9001 Certificate Do?

ISO 9001 certificate shows that a business or company is operating in accordance with the standards set by ISO. After the quality management system audit to be carried out by an accredited company, the audited company is entitled to receive the ISO 9001 certificate. In order for the company to receive this document, it must meet all the conditions specified in the relevant regulation and guide.

ISO 9001 also indicates that a business or firm applies the principles of total quality management. Total quality management principle, on the other hand, points to important points such as customer satisfaction and critical process management. The fact that a company has ISO 9001 certificate can be expressed as a very important issue in terms of its reputation in the sector and in the eyes of customers.

How do companies that issue ISO 9001 certificate qualify to issue this certificate?

In many cases Companies giving ISO 9001 certificate It will be useful to research the reputation of the company in the sector when choosing among them. In addition, learning which accreditation processes the company has gone through also helps to increase the reliability of the company issuing the certificate. In order for a company to be eligible for ISO 9001 certification, it must go through various processes by accreditation institutions such as TURKAK. At the same time, IAS and UKAS are among other institutions that can be preferred in the accreditation process by companies that will be entitled to ISO 9001 certificate.

In order for a company to qualify for ISO 9001 certification, it must have a working condition that complies with ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards at the first stage. Institutions that will carry out accreditation, on the other hand, control the standards determined by the quality management system during their inspection or control visits to the company. In order for a company to be eligible to issue this certificate, it must meet all established standards and requirements.

How to Select ISO 9001 Certificate Firms?

Companies giving ISO 9001 certificate When choosing among , it can be considered from which institution the company received accreditation. In this way, it is possible to get an idea of ​​the reliability of the company that will issue the document. Companies accredited by TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) are authorized to issue ISO 9001 certificate.

On the other hand, companies that issue this certificate publish their accreditation documents on their official websites. Companies giving ISO 9001 certificate It may be possible to check these documents and certificates by entering the company's website while choosing among . In addition, the TURKAK logo must be on the ISO 9001 certificate issued by the company. TURKAK, the authorized institution in Turkey, provides the necessary approvals and documents by performing the audit and control processes of the companies that will issue ISO 9001 certificate.

Can All Companies Give ISO 9001 Certificate?

It is not possible to talk about a situation where all companies give ISO 9001 certificate. In order to gain the right to issue an ISO 9001 certificate, the relevant company must complete the accreditation process. Companies that do not start or complete the accreditation process are not authorized to issue ISO 9001 certificates.

An unauthorized ISO 9001 certificate will also damage the reputation of the company receiving the certificate. For this reason, companies planning to obtain ISO 9001 certificate should conduct a detailed research on the companies that issue this certificate. Otherwise, it may be possible to receive an invalid document or face other undesirable situations.

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how to find firms giving ıso 9001 certificate