What is EAC Document?

EAC Document has emerged within the framework of the regulations made pursuant to the decision of the Eurasian Economic Community (EAC) dated 25 December 2012. Document; It shows the compliance of the products sold in EAC member countries such as Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with technical conditions. EAC Certificate, which is a reflection of the document standards used by EAC countries under the name of GOST in the past; Evaluates certain conditions for products that will enter the Customs Union. The certificate, which is given for periods of 1, 3 and 5 years, facilitates the circulation of the product.

What is the Purpose of EAC Documentation?

EAC Certificate ensures that the product circulation between member countries takes place within the framework of certain standards, while aiming that the products coming from abroad also meet the mentioned conditions. In this framework, products with the same technical conditions are exchanged in all member countries. It is possible for countries to protect the standards within the framework of the EAC Document, which is used by considering the uniqueness in practice. On the other hand, it becomes easier for exporters who receive the certificate to sell their products to the countries in question.

What are the Benefits of EAC Certificate?

The benefits of having an EAC Certificate are very high for exporting companies. When Russia and other EAC member countries are considered, having the opportunity to enter a very large market comes to the fore. Considering that product sales to these countries depend on certain technical conditions, it is possible to create a new market and gain competitive power against companies that do not have EAC Certificate. It is essential for every company whose target market is Russia and EAC countries to obtain this document.

What Does the EAC Document Cover?

EAC Certificate is one of the solutions that allows free movement by taking into account the technical features of different product groups. In this context, the main objective of the EAC Document is to control the products to be entered into the Eurasian Economic Community countries with the Customs Union. Although the points taken into consideration while performing the controls differ, the main purpose is to reach a certain level of product standards. For this reason, it is very important to complete the certification process for companies targeting trade within the boundaries of the EAC.

Why Obtain AC Certificate?

It is known that companies prefer various documents in order to sell their products in different markets. The EAC Certificate also means the realization of international trade by meeting the conditions determined within the framework of the EAC Declaration. In this context, it is possible to achieve product standards and prevent counterfeiting by obtaining EAC Certificate. You can also apply for the EAC Certificate, which supports export processes, without wasting time.

Who Can Get EAC Certificate?

It is not possible to talk about a prerequisite for companies in the process of obtaining an EAC Certificate. For this reason, every company that wants to export to the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Community can obtain a certificate by fulfilling the conditions. Since the certification process requires meticulousness and emphasizes expertise in many subjects, it is imperative that the company to be chosen is carefully selected.

How to Get EAC Certificate?

Companies wishing to obtain an EAC Certificate should apply to an accredited organization and request an audit of compliance within the framework of the EAC Declaration. As a result of the controls carried out after the application, it is possible to determine the existing deficiencies. In addition, the process is completed by determining the road map for those who want to choose the EAC Certificate. As KiosCert, the purpose of this process, which we provide you with support, is to leave the certification process behind without any problems.

Where to Get EAC Certificate?

For exporters who want to obtain EAC Certificate, the only place to apply is accredited and independent institutions. In this context, as KiosCert, we undertake all the necessary processes. While making it easier to obtain a certificate, we complete the certification by receiving the applications of exporters for this document at regular intervals. You can also contact us to get EAC Certificate.

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