What is COC (Certificate of Conformity)?

COC or Cetificate of Conformity is a document that means Declaration of Conformity in Turkish. This document aims to control imported goods outside the standards by countries in order to protect the health, safety and environment of their citizens. The Certificate of Conformty, which brings up various applications within the framework of strict rules, proves that the products purchased or supplied meet the technical conformity and the rules of the import country.

Thanks to the COC, which is accepted as a mandatory document to be submitted by the importer or exporter, reliable circulation of the products will be in question. For this reason, whether the products meet certain criteria is determined within the Certificate of Conformity. The Certificate of Conformity, which is accepted as a necessity by many countries, is a document that provides free movement in the European Union.

What is the Purpose of COC (Certificate of Conformity)?

Certificate of Conformity is of great importance for both exporters and importers as it is a document that ensures product circulation to be more reliable and free. For this reason, the aim is to support the exchange of products and to reveal a sustainable production logic. As an importer or exporter, you must complete the application process for COC, which is required in many countries around the world. You can get information about COC, which varies depending on the sector and place of activity, by contacting KiosCert.

What are the Benefits of COC (Certificate of Conformity)?

You should know that import and export processes can be completed more successfully by taking COC. Because, in order to achieve the international validity of the product standards that vary from country to country, the most important issue will be the Certificate of Conformity. The document has a feature that facilitates product circulation and eliminates difficulties in international trade. For this reason, by obtaining a Certificate of Conformity, you can reach the most suitable solutions for you and facilitate the certification processes.

What Does COC (Certificate of Conformity) Cover?

The scope of the Certificate of Conformity is to demonstrate compliance in order to eliminate the restrictions imposed by countries in international trade. Instead of testing and checking the product every time, the Certificate of Conformity ensures compliance with the rules set by the countries. Moreover, it is possible to provide shopping by removing the situations that may prevent trade.

Why Obtain COC (Certificate of Conformity) Certificate?

It should be mentioned that companies that want to obtain COC Certificate are generally importers and exporters. Thanks to the COC, which is necessary for the products to gain the right of free circulation, it is possible to realize the product sales much easier and faster. In order to meet environmental, legal and technical needs, choosing the Certificate of Conformity will be a much more advantageous option.

Who Can Get COC (Certificate of Conformity)?

Companies wishing to obtain a Declaration of Conformity do not have a general qualification. Every company that needs a COC Certificate in import and export processes completes the application process and leaves the certification stages behind. Since the certification process covers certain periods, it is necessary to renew the application when the document expires.

How to Get COC (Certificate of Conformity) Certificate?

To get the Certificate of Conformity, you need to get support from an accredited and independent institution. As KiosCert, which offers very successful services in this regard, we share the whole process with you. It's time to take the quality to the top by meeting with KiosCert experts for a solution that will meet your needs!

Where to Get COC (Certificate of Conformity)?

You can contact KiosCert to get the Certificate of Conformity and complete the process smoothly. KiosCert will meet all your requests regarding certification.

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